Thursday, 2 July 2015

Patient Success Stories

"My life and village styles have changed since RRHS started health services in our community. Health workers visit our home, teaching our people how to improve our way of living health-wise. It is more interesting that they will visit churches around the health center and markets as well. Nowadays people wash their hands before eating anything, and also use cleaner utensils than before. They give medication to patients when they are sick. I really thank the management of RRHS for the services rendered to our community."
--Mzee Thawithe Kule, an elder of the Kabughabugha community

"When I felt unwell in the past, I could go and buy painkillers. But since RRHS health center started, I have been taught the importance of first testing for malaria and other diseases before taking any medication. I now advise other members to first go for tests before taking or buying any medication."
 –A happy RRHS patient

"I had never tested for HIV/AIDS since I was born. But after being taught by RRHS health workers, the advantages and disadvantages of knowing my status, I decided to test for HIV/AIDS and I now know my status."
 –An RRHS patient

"I could not prepare early for my wife’s pregnancies; I could only start preparing when she is approaching nine months. But RRHS health workers challenge and taught me that I am supposed to start planning when my wife tells me that she is pregnant. Now I have started buying Kivera, gloves, basins, cotton and gauze for when the baby comes even thought my wife is only two months pregnant."
–One husband

"I thank the management of RRHS Health Center for starting this center in our village. My daughter was the first to be admitted at this health center. It was very simple and easy for me to take care of the other young ones at the same time that I was looking after the one who was sick. It is my prayer that is should prosper to the extent of starting to perform caesarian sections and other procedures."
--Sarah, a mother

"I had not tested for HIV/AIDS since my childhood. This was not because I feared it, but because of a lack of health services. However much I knew that testing was administered for free in government hospitals, I never minded to test because I thought I had no problem and was not prepared for the simple test. When RRHS established in the village, services were now at home instead of 20k away from the village. I went and tested immediately. I was first welcomed by the staff and counseled before I was tested. I had to wait for a few minutes and the results were out. The nurse talked to me and told me I was positive. I was shocked but the health provider guided me and told me not to worry. She directed me to the place where I could begin ARV treatment. I am taking treatment as instructed! I thank God for RRHS and good service rendered to our community."
--Jofrey Thasobya, a young man