Volunteers for community Development. 
 Working with volunteers at grass root level:

Rwenzori Rural Health Services (RRHS) offers professionals and intern students the opportunity to work as volunteers to improve rural communities. RRHS believes that when professionals combine efforts, issues related to poverty may reduce. Working to develop communities in rural areas in the Rwenzori Region is a very enriching experience for good volunteers. It might open widows for future career in development as well.

 RRHS considers the volunteers program as an important aspect of its work, since upon return to respective area of origin, the volunteer can inform their family friends, private supporters about the work, culture, life of the people in rural areas.The volunteer gives professional guidance to communities and communities directly share experience with the volunteer.

The volunteer usually expresses the need in writing, explains his/her capabilities or completes the official application  to serve the community. RRHS defines the tasks to be handled by the volunteer when approved.

The duties of the volunteer ranges from:
- working in the office (database filling, general communication, project proposal development, ICT) etc.
- working with communities on activities like educating young people on HIV/AIDS, either in school or out of school; working on a water and sanitation program (= educating water committees on maintenance of water springs, general hygiene in home); or handling issues of maternal health; and any other community program that the community may demand.

Rwenzori Rural Health Services expects that the volunteer, when completing his/her mission, shall prepare a report to RRHS and - where applicable - assists in publicizing the services of RRHS, even when he or she has returned to his/her respective country/area of origin.

2. Purpose of working with volunteers.

- Increasing global partnership for rural development
- Capacity strengthening of RRHS and bridging the gap between professionals and rural communities
- Stimulating professionals willing and interested to work with rural communities for grass root development
- Stimulating national and international students to start thinking about values of voluntary service and rural community experience sharing

3. Who can be a volunteer?

Volunteers working at RRHS are mostly people with good behavior, reliable, trustworthy, self motivated, willing to serve, with a profession, new graduates or interns, of age between 18 to 65.Volunteers may come with professions or skills related to social work or community development.The volunteer shall work for RRHS for a period ranging from 1 week. 
Hands over a Lap top to  RRHS -Executive Director

4. Volunteer commitment

a. All services done by a volunteer in the Rwenzori Region will be voluntary.
b. Costs related to work may be cost shared.
c. Volunteer must comply with the rules of the organization and the regulations of the country.
d. The volunteer is expected to be open and respectful.
e. The volunteer is considered as a staff of the organization and he/she should accept to contribute to the growth of the organization.

5. RRHS' Commitment in receiving volunteers

-RRHS prepares a job description for the volunteer.
-RRHS commits itself to welcome the volunteer and points one staff to support him/her during period of stay.
-RRHS deserves the right to accept or refer the application of volunteers. In case of gross in disciplinary action, management shall cancel the contract with the volunteer, after discussion about the issue.

If you are interested, please  email to us to have the application form. email: ruralservices60@gmail.com

 RRHS -Values planning Most. Feel free to come and join our meetings for Development.

 Dear / Sir /Madam.


Rwenzori Rural Health Services (RRHS) is seeking to work with an international volunteer for a purpose of skill sharing, capacity building and institutional development.
Rwenzori Rural Health Services, Website: http://rrhskasese.blogspot.com/ which is rural based is working with small rural communities, and schools to ensure that health is improved.

Rwenzori Rural Health Services was founded to improve rural services, support communities in need and supplementing Government efforts in achieving some of the sustainable  Development Goals No. preferably No 3 and17
We need a volunteer that would basically support communities on

The RRHS Core programs below:

1. water hygiene and sanitation
2. Health services
3. community economic empowerment and strengthening.

4. Participating in staff meetings
Representing Rwenzori rural health services to other development forums on advice of the Director.

We remain yours faith fully,
Kiima T.Charles
Executive Director.

If you know someone who may be interested, email to us: ruralservices60@gmail.com


To Whom it May Concern:                                                                           July 25, 2011

I have had the great pleasure of volunteering Rwenzori Rural Health Services (RRHS) in Kasese, Uganda in 2008, and assisting Mr. Charles Thembo with RRHS from the United States for the past three years after. During my time in Kasese, I worked very closely Mr. Thembo in a variety of settings, including helping patients in a rural public healthcare clinic, performing educational community talks about health and sanitation, and planning access to clean water supplies. As part of my experience, I was able to transport a microscope from the United States, donated by Mark Fosbender of Micro Optics in Ft. Laurderdale, Florida, as well as raise funds which helped to purchase medications which treated over 1,000 patients, and purchase building materials for a rural healthcare clinic focused towards women and children.

What strikes me most about Rwenzori Rural Health Services is their multifaceted approach to healthcare. The primary goal of RRHS is to improve healthcare for the underserved people of rural Uganda, with a focus on women and children. What is remarkable about RRHS’s strategy is their understanding that good health stems from many factors. This is clearly demonstrated in their different endeavors, which include: educational talks in local communities about various health- and sanitation-related topics; supporting a local high school drama group that performs HIV/AIDS awareness plays; holding free health fairs for rural communities; building clean water tanks in remote regions; and constructing a medical clinic in a rural village to provide access to health care for women and children.

The president of Rwenzori Rural Health Services, Mr. Charles Thembo, is an intelligent, capable, honest, and dedicated individual, who works with exceptional passion. Concordantly, his fellow RRHS members are quite remarkable, all professionals working free of charge in a community where many struggle just to put food on the table. RRHS has made great progress from starting from scratch in 2003 to being presented at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2010, due to the dedication of its members and their ability to inspire both their local community and caring individuals internationally.

Having known this organization and worked with them closely for the past three years, I feel very confident in highly recommending them for your grant to build a healthcare clinic that will aid in improving the health of impoverished children and their communities. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you very much for your time and consideration of RRHS for your grant.

Mithai Avondstondt
                                                            University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
                                                            Candidate for Doctorate in Medicine, 2012

1133 Sevilla Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 915-9677                                              

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