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 Organization Name: Rwenzori Rural Health Services

Location: Kabughabugha Village, Rukoki Sub county,    Kasese District Uganda -East Africa.

Coordinating Office:  MMC- Umoja Village - Nyamwanba -Division- Kasese Municipality.  

Executive Director's Mobile Line:  Mr. Kiima T.Charles    +256 (0 )783907115
Executive Director's Photo: 

Organizational Health Adviser
Mobile Line :

District Health Inspector: 
Mobile : ( 0 ) 772594200

            : ( 0) 752594209

email :


On line Project Consultant :   USA Based;  jim.chapman
Organizations and individuals that have Supported  RRHS Specific micro community  projects in the past :

1. The Belgium Development Cooperation in Uganda.
2. Luc Sorel  -Belgian
3. Mithai USA
4. Nasf Netherlands
5. Austrian Development organization
6. Mark -USA
7. SNV -Netherlands.
8.Small World Uganda
9.Kiima Foods -Uganda.
It is of value to have you  on our list of willing friends . Feel free to email us or even arrange to visit us. 
Other sites of interest in Uganda:

To See the Chimbazee in the Rwenzori Forests, Visit here:  
 Forest Lodges visit:                                 

- Cultural Travel Experiences ;               
-To see the Home of Elephants;   


  1. Dear RRHS,

    I am touched by the actions you are doing to support girl child education through the so many activities you are doing in Kasese district. Do everything possible to ensure you achieve your objectives and keep on track.


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