Sustainability Project

After several meetings on income generating projects for sustainability of RRHS Services, RRHS decided to start a bee keeping project. Our first step was to visit a small bee farmer to learn more about bees and how they produce honey.

 The idea behind this project is we shall sell honey to help RRHS provide more services to the community. This bee keeping project helps us provide better drug offerings and employ qualified staff to better meet the needs of the community.

As we searched for land for the project, Mr. Luka, the Village Chairperson of  Kaligatha Village in Rukoki Sub County of Kasese District, decided to offer his land to help us establish the project. Mr. Luka offered the land for free, with the condition that we will only pay for the land when we are financially capable and the project has grown. We thank him greatly for his help!

Community members are seen installing the bee hives in a tree. The Seed Fund helped us to purchase 8 bee hives.
As we progress with this project we would like to to increase the number of bee hives we have to 20.
With 20 bee hives we can increase our output, grow this project and make it even more sustainable!

With the Seed Fund, we were able to purchase a bee suit and a smoker for our bee keeping operations. Jackie, an RRHS intern helped us secure the funding and supported our work. She is seen below.

Thank you to everyone that supported RRHS in starting this project, if you would like to get involved, contact us!

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