Save Mothers

Save The Mothers project

Rwenzori Mountains
In  the year 2008 an assessment was done by RRHS and the findings were that 30% of the population in the RRHS project area of operation goes for health services. The reason is that the area is mountainous and health facilities are located far away.

RRHS stated calling willing volunteers globally to come and offer their time sharing experiences with rural people. To obtain a brochure for this specific project contact us or our on line Health Adviser - based in USA Email:
After a long time, working on this project, the organization volunteers and community members, emphasized on how people struggle moving for health services; and conducted a meeting discussing how to put in place a rural community health facility that will save lives of especially pregnant mothers and their new babies.

Community Members Discussing the need for a rural  maternity centre/ Health Centre.-January 2008
After several meetings, land was purchased and Mithai –RRHS – External Volunteer; became the first volunteer to buy some of the building, materials.
RRHS  Volunteers Inspecting  land for the RRHS maternity centre/Health Centre
 few dollors was used to extend gravity water to the Health Centre.

We have piped water inside the maternity  Centre/Health Center
 RRHS coordinates with  professionals to  manage the project at low cost. And as an organization, we would like to continue  involving intern students,  willing persons and retired individuals from national and international levels; as a means of supplementing  government efforts in achieving the  Millennium Development goal No. 8 (Develop Global Partnership for Development.) And MDG No. 4 & 5.
You can be the next Volunteer to this project in Uganda - east Africa.

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Thank you.

Towards the end of the year 2011; NASF- organization in the Netherlands  responded by supplementing our efforts . Nasf Donated few Dollars and we were able to construct the maternity centre up  to the level of putting roofing plates. Luc Sorel  a partner in Belgium and the RRHS Board  added more dollars that enabled the Health Center  to be vanished and functional.see more pictures below:
 Maternity centre to save Mothers and their New babies. ( Come and learn while sharing experience )

Mass training on safe motherhood services. ( You are most welcome to  supplement our services. )

RRHS -Mass Health Education Training continues in hard to reach areas of   Kasese-Uganda.

To wards the  end of the year 2012, the health centre was Vanished. see picture below.

On 29th June 2014, RRHS Board Members contributed a start up fund.
we have been able to start operations currently with one nurse,
we need your advice and need volunteers. email:

We are pleased to inform our friends globally that the maternity centre opened on the 29th June 2014. However,   we still need volunteers to  help us perform quality service. Feel free to plan a visit.

Mothers during Health Education Session. email now.

There is need for mobilizing  Euros: 9.967 for stretching the existing rural clinic to have a female apartment and Male, this will help us to serve the entire community without discrimination.
We have already piped water; that we shall use while building.  


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